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Ladies and Gentlemen, Family, Friends, Loved ones..., 

We are gathered here today to join ___________________(Groom) and _________________(Bride) in Holy Matrimony.

I would like to Welcome Everyone.

 ___________________ (Groom) and ________________ (Bride) have asked all of you to be with them here today -- because each of you has given something of yourselves into their lives.

Sometimes when guests attend a wedding celebration, they take the opportunity to re-examine their own lives.Let us all be inspired by ________________(Groom) and _______________ (Bride) in our own lifes, and remember that life and love -- are good.  

Now, Love is powerful. It is love that gives the deepest meaning to our lives. It is our greatest purpose, and our finest achievement. Without love our lives could be barren, and empty. With no one to tell about our biggest accomplishments those achievements would be hollow.

One of the greatest joys of a wedding day is the joining together of the couple's family and friends.
_________________(Groom) and _______________ (Bride) are forever grateful to each and every one of you. Knowing that your best wishes go forward with them - will help as they embark upon their glorious journey as husband and wife.


________________ (Groom) and _________________(Bride) would like to acknowledge their parents, whose love, support, and nurturing are such an essential part of who they are today. They thank you - Parents --  for being their first teachers -- of the power and possibilities of Life and Love.

Let us all remember, today and always, that there is nothing more important than loving one another.


Marriage is the essence of human relationships. It challenges us to compromise at times. Learning to put your partner's needs in front of your own. The happiness derived from seeing their joy -- is true bliss.

Let your love be the inspiration to others - for them to reach for what is good within all of us. May your love be so abundant that you have plenty to share with the rest of us.

_________________(Groom) and _______________ (Bride) it is your love that has brought us all together here today.

May I have the rings please.The wedding ring is a complete and perfect circle with no end and no beginning. It is the symbol of your commitment to each other. The giving and receiving of these rings symbolizes the bond that you have created together.

WEDDING VOWS - I _____ take you ______ to be my Husband / Wife, to have and to hold, for rich or for poor, in sickness and in health, from this day forward, until death do us party.
Do you ________________ take ______________________ to be your lawfully wedded Husband / Wife - "I DO"

And now by the power vested in me by the State of Michigan I pronounce you Man and Wife. You may kiss the bride!

Ladies and Gentlemen, its my great pleasure to present to you for the first time --  Mr. and Mrs.__________________.
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