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The undersigned producer engages the performer named herein for the engagement described below, and the performer agrees to perform.

Disc Jockey:_________________________________________________________________

Date of Engagement:__________________________________________________________

Location of Engagement (including address and phone):______________________________




Deposit: ____________________________________________________________________

Balance: (Cash only within first hour of event):_____________________________________

Client's Name:_______________________________________________________________



        1.        In the event that the client breaches the within agreement or cancels same the deposit is non-refundable.

2.        The total agreement price set forth above represents the full amount due for services rendered by the DJ for the hours specified. Any additional hours of service will be provided, at the option of the DJ at the rate of $150 per hour. Payment for additional performance time must be made to the DJ in advance.

3.        Event information and music request lists must be submitted at least 5 days prior to the date of the engagement for them to be included in the DJ's music selection. The DJ will use all reasonable efforts to play the specific music requests but will not be responsible if certain music selections are unavailable.

4.        The DJ shall make all reasonable efforts to perform in accordance with the terms of this agreement. However, if the DJ is unable to perform, such inability will not be deemed to be a breach of this agreement if caused by sickness, accident, riot, strikes, epidemics, Acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond the control of the DJ. If such circumstances should arise, the DJ will notify the client and will make all reasonable efforts to find a replacement DJ. If unable to find a replacement DJ, the client will receive a full refund of the deposit and the DJ shall be relieved from further obligations under the terms of the within agreement. The parties will not constitute a breach of this agreement and no damages will be deemed to arise there from. 

5.        Client is liable for the cost or replacement of any sound equipment, compact discs or other equipment as a result of damage by client, clients' customers, guests, hall employees, electrical damage from the hall, or any damage that occurs during the course of the event.

6.        In the event of circumstances deemed by the DJ to present a threat or implied threat of injury, harm to the DJ, or any equipment in the DJ's possession, the DJ reserves the right to stop the performance. If the client is able to resolve the threatening situation , to the satisfaction of the DJ, in a reasonable amount of time (maximum 15 minutes), the DJ shall resume performance in accordance with the original terms of this agreement. Client shall be responsible for payment in full, regardless of whether the situation is resolved or not, or whether the DJ resumes the performance or not.

7.        This agreement may be canceled by either client or the DJ. Notice of said cancellation must be made in writing, certified mail, returned receipt requested, by the parties. In the event of cancellation by the client, within 30 days of the event, the purchaser is liable for the full contract/agreement amount.

8.        The client shall provide the DJ with safe and appropriate working conditions. This includes, but is not limited to providing a secure and sturdy 8 foot set-up table and two reliable power sources on different lines and/or one powerdrop within 25 feet of the set up area; providing a facility that completely covers and protects the DJ's equipment from adverse weather conditions (direct sunlight, rain, excessive winds, snow/cold weather) providing crowd control if necessary , and providing directions and adequate parking. The client accepts full responsibility and is liable for any damages, injuries, or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.

9.        This agreement is for performance in one room or area only, unless specified above. If the DJ is asked to perform in 2 separate rooms or areas the day of the event, this will be accommodated at the DJ's discretion. The cost for this additional service room or area will be an additional $250.

10.     Deposits may be made in cash, by credit card, check or money order.  Clients will be charged a $75 service fee for returned checks for any reason.

11.     FINAL CASH BALANCES must be paid at the event, in cash within the first hour of the event. If the balance is not paid within the first hour of the event the performer has the right to suspend the performance until final cash payment has been made.

12.     If any litigation ensues as a result of this contract, the client agrees not to hold the above Disc Jockey responsible for any amount exceeding the deposit amount of this contract. Except as stated above, the client waves and releases any claims it may have against the above Disc Jockey or the above mentioned artist and agrees to indemnify the above Disc Jockey against any third party claims of any nature whatsoever.  This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties. If the above meets with your approval, sign and return immediately with any additional information you deem necessary.

Client's Signature:_________________________________Date: ________________________________

Please be sure this contract is signed and filled out completely. Keep bottom copy (your receipt) and return the others along with the deposit (Payable to Robert Navarre). Balance to be paid in full within the first hour of the event.

Send to: Robert Navarre - Booking Agent - 9426 S. State Rd. Auburn Hills, MI 48438. Any questions please call (248)334-1781

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