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DJ Robert Navarre
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My Promise:
"I will get more of your family and friends dancing and smiling than you could ever dream!"
-DJ Robert Navarre

Are you looking for...

¨ You would like an experienced DJ, who will implement/oversee your wedding/party plan
¨ You want to deal direct with your actual DJ from beginning to end
¨ You prefer interactive - without being obnoxious
¨ If you hear all those terrible overplayed songs again... you will lose your mind
¨ You want a wedding/party DJ but don't want  "a corny, cheesy DJ"
¨ You want a DJ that will play your songs -- and make sure the music is perfect to your taste

What I am not...
¨ I won't display huge banners or signs on my table, sell hula hoops to guests or blow up balloons
¨ I am not a part-time or hobbyist DJ - this is my Job & Passion, music every day.
¨ I am not going to Scratch Vinyl Turntables and ruin your songs, I am not "sir-scratch-a-lot"
¨ I don't push, pull or beg people to come onto the dance floor...  My music makes people move all by themselves
¨ I am not going to tell jokes, or humiliate your guests, bridal party or your parents
¨ I am not going to play "dirty music" or "nasty music" with obscenities or explicit lyrics
¨ I will not wear a baseball cap turned side-ways, or wear pants falling down on the ground
¨ No confusing packages - No surprises at your wedding - you get our best every time

Full Effect DJ Service
DJ Robert Navarre

Phone: (248)807-8839