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1. Kid Friendly Music
2. Kids Games
3. Light Show
4. Relay Races
5. Kids Trivia
6. Limbo, Hot Potato, Balloon Stomp, Train Dance, Red Rover
7. Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Macarena, Cha Cha - Group Dances
8. Simon Says, Musical Chairs, Duck Duck Goose, 20 Questions, Freeze Dance, Freeze Tag
9. Minute to win it -- skill contests
10. Balloon Keep it up, Balloon Relay Race
11. Name That Tune, Finish That Lyric
12. 30 Dance Moves shown to your Kids!

Kids Party Special

DJ Including lights and KIDS GAMES -
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Kids Review:

"Dear Robert,
We really enjoyed having you as our DJ at the Meadow Brook PTA Fall Social. We have received nothing but positive feedback on the dance. You were amazing with the kids: You knew just what to play, made it fun with the games, and did a great job keeping everyone happy. You even had a way with some of our more rambunctious students! We would be very pleased to work with you again in the future and we highly recommend your services!"
Thank you,
Diane Wilks
Meadow Brook Elementary PTA              ...Robert, feel free to use this as a letter of recommendation!


We have fantastic DJ's for Kid's Parties.


Games and activities will be coordinated and run in a "Fun and Exciting" way, so all the kids have fun.


I have a 5-year-old son myself, so I watch all the kid's TV shows and Movies.

I also have training in Psychology and Sociology. I really love to get kids motivated and screaming for more fun!



Activities for Kid's Parties


  1. Limbo
  2. Chicken Dance
  3. Hokey Pokey
  4. Locomotion (Train Dance)
  5. Musical Chairs
  6. Simon Says



These are some other ideas I got from researching kids parties:


1. Guess how many jar. A fun arrival activity is a "guess how many" jar. Fill a clear glass or plastic jar (with a secure lid) with a known quantity (yes, you have to count them!) of candy, nuts, marbles, pennies, tiny toy cars or some other item that ties in with the theme of your party. Decorate the jar and lid with stickers and a bow and place on the arrival activity table. Provide slips of paper for guests to write their names and their "guess" and a small basket or box to collect the entries. At the end of the party award the jar of goodies to the child with the closest guess.

2. Activity centers can be designed for individual children, small groups, or all the children at once, if you have a manageable number of guests. Activity centers can be supervised by an adult or be self-serve.

Activity centers most often consist of simple games or arts & crafts. I purchased some inexpensive games, such as a foam dart board, a bean bag toss, a ring toss, and giant bubble wands that I use year-after-year and customize to the party theme by adding stickers. You can setup other simple games, such as a coin toss (coins into jars or pie pans) or ball toss (balls into buckets, baskets or hoops) using supplies you probably already have.

You can also setup an activity center with coloring books and crayons, maze and word search books, and a few small puzzles.

3. Duck Duck Goose

4. Relay Race - Holding a hard boiled egg on a spoon.

5. 20 Questions - Write topics on pieces of paper and have "it" select one. The other guests can ask up to 20 questions and "it" can only reply with yes or no. The child who guesses correctly becomes "it" for the next round. Have older kids think of their own topics (favorite movie, historical figure, etc.)

6. Balloon Stomp -- Tie a balloon on one end of a 4 foot piece of ribbon. Tie the other end around a child's ankle. Outfit each child with their balloon. The goal of the game is to stomp on the other players' balloons (pop it), while protecting your own.  It helps to have the DJ play 1 minute of music (Stomping Time) then take a short break to see who is left... 1 minute of music (Stomping Time) then take a short break to see who is left.... This will help build the excitement and drama!

7.      Hot Potato -- Have children sit in a circle and pass around an object (a stuffed animal works well) until a timer goes off. The child holding the object when the timer goes off is "the silly monkey" or whatever fun name ties in with your party theme or the object the children are passing.

8.      Musical Party Favors -- Have children sit in a circle and pass one favor bag until the music stops. The child holding the favor bag when the music stops keeps it and steps inside or outside the circle. The game is repeated until every child has a favor bag.

9.   Jump Rope / Hopscotch / Marbles / Jacks / Twister -- These can keep kids entertained for hours.




These are some good ideas for your party. Call us and let us know which ones that you like best.

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